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Work by: Smoking Room, Nobody AKA Willis Earl Beal, In Threads, R.Dyer, Birdengine, M. Butterfly, Lee Riley, Maz Clarke, David K Frampton, BABY HAIR, Evadney, Peace For Old Ghosts, Winnipeg, MN, Elm How, Porridge Radio (solo), Daniel Spicer, Mr Greedy, Malin Headwreck and Robert Ridley-Shackleton

Eyeless digital sub label for unique solo visions

Work by You&Th, Dan Bean, Ingrid Plum and Jim Thompson

Eyeless' zine, poetry and comics press

Here is M.Butterfly's new tape and chord book. The tape is released by Martyn and Jasmine's label Paper Anchor and the chord book through the Serpent Line.


Here are the 3 albums in David K Frampton's "The Party Cycle" series this year "Trilogy", "Playtime" and "A New Kind Of Music" through Eyeless...

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Coming soon release date 27th Sept the new mini album by Matt Finucane "Bang Bang Exorcism" preceded by first single "Run With The Freaks" on June 28th...



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